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Prosthetic Portfolio

Whether your preference is cement-retained, screw-retained or overdenture abutments, BIOMET 3i offers a wide range of options.

Cement Retained Restorations

Provide Abutments
With the increasing demands for dental implant therapy, the Provide Abutment offers both surgical andrestorative clinicians more options and greater flexibility to meet these demands and better serve patients.It allows them to partner together for a simpler restorative and surgical experience.

GingiHue Posts
GingiHue’s Gold-Colored Titanium Nitride Coating Blends Naturally With Soft Tissue On Porcelain-Fused-To-Metal Restorations. 

UCLA Abutments
The UCLA Abutment is a castable abutment. It is offered with a machined gold alloy base or in a fullycastable version. It may be used for single or multi-unit screw or cement-retained restorations. It maycorrect angles up to 30 degrees when cast as a custom abutment.

Screw Retained Restorations

BIOMET 3i offers multiple abutments for screw-retained restorations to suit your patients' needs. Included in the offerings are Standard, Conical and IOL Abutments

OverdentSURE Restorations

BellaTek Bars
BellaTek Bars (formerly known as CAM StructSURE Precision Milled Bars) surpass conventional casting techniques by providing CAD/CAM precision along with milling techniques that offer overdenture bars, implant bridges and hybrid restorations in one solid piece. The result is a strong, precise, beautiful restoration.

BIOMET 3i previously offered options for immediate full arch rehabilitation in the mandible with the original DIEM Guidelines. This has now been expanded with NEW DIEM to offer rehabilitation for both arches utilizing innovative products to deliver fixed provisional prostheses on four or more implants in as little as one day.*

LOCATOR Abutments
The LOCATOR Abutment is ideal for overdenture restorations. Clinical use has shown that the self-locating design enables patients to align and seat their overdentures with ease.

Provisional Restorations
Today, patients demand faster and more aesthetic results for their dental needs. That’s why BIOMET 3i offers a complete line of provisional prosthetic options for immediate aesthetics.

Gold-Tite Screws deliver more preload torque as compared to conventional titanium abutment screws

Restorative Tools and Drivers
BIOMET 3i presents an array of laboratory tools, restorative drivers and torque devices that interface with abutment and retaining screws.


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